29 Jan

Practical Automation & Orchestration Architecture (2 of 4)

By Tim Curless, , ,

Logical Design: the second of a four-part series on automation and orchestration architecture, looking at DR test as a service. In part 1, Problem Definition and Conceptual Design, we began the design process an automation architect would undergo when attempting to deliver a new service. The design focuses around improving the application DR testing process

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06 Jan

New Year, New CIOs

By Daniel Adamany, , ,

After three boardroom discussions with over 70 CIOs, it is becoming clear that there is a major mental and role-based shift happening among CIOs and the teams they lead. More than ever, these leaders are striving to innovate, and if you’re a CIO, I believe I have some salient points that may help you think

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01 Dec

Disruptive technology is shattering traditional organizations

By Jonathan Lucento, ,

Quite appropriately described as “Vegas for cloud, mobile, and social-computing nerds,” Dreamforce is a potent cocktail that is one part technology conference, one part networking event, and one part vendor expo, served with a garnish of Hillary Clinton, Will-I-Am, and Bruno Mars. Dreamforce provides a platform for innovation to thrive as it gathers the brightest

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