Cloud Management and OperationsManage and govern cloud applications and infrastructure

The way IT resources are built, managed, and consumed can be the difference between winning and losing in today’s competitive marketplace. AHEAD helps organizations deliver fast, reliable cloud services while improving performance, optimizing resources, and reducing costs.

What You’ll Achieve

Accelerate delivery of applications, infrastructure, and services
Manage application placement decisions: on-premises or public cloud
Automate manual, repetitive processes and tasks
Simplify administration via a centralized cloud management platform
Design intuitive, branded, mobile-friendly service catalogs
Secure data, applications, and infrastructure through policies, controls, and technology
Increase availability of business critical applications
Implement governance, risk, and compliance standards across cloud platforms
Extend cloud capabilities with third-party integrations
Structure your organization to support cloud transformation
Measure usage to enable showback / chargeback and ongoing optimization
Manage the ongoing growth and operations of your cloud platforms

How We Do It

Enterprise service management
Business process management
IT operations management
Portfolio management
Performance analytics
Cloud management platforms
Service catalog
Automation and orchestration
Lifecycle management
Governance, risk, and compliance
Organizational change management
Cloud operations

How We’ve Helped

Increased efficiency of a key line of business by 25% through custom app development for a global specialty food manufacturer
Reduced request fulfillment time from 19 days to eight days for a leading academic medical institution
Reduced application onboarding time from 360 hours to 20 hours for one of the largest airlines in the world
Reduced critical service events by 25% for a top healthcare software company
Reduced fulfillment time from 14 days to under 30 minutes for a leading provider of pharmacy benefit management

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