Cloud InfrastructurePower cloud platforms with enterprise-class on-premises and public cloud resources

The shift toward Everything-as-a-Service and the exponential growth of digital data have increased the need for robust, flexible, and performant cloud infrastructure. AHEAD helps organizations leverage the right combinations of emerging technologies and existing infrastructure to enable enterprise-class cloud services.

What You’ll Achieve

Rationalize and determine the optimal on-premises and public cloud technologies for each layer of your cloud solution
Secure and segment access to enterprise infrastructure across your on-premises data center and public cloud
Provide cost-efficient and performant storage capacity
Simplify and consolidate infrastructure while increasing agility and realizing operational efficiencies
Safeguard your critical information and rapidly recover data in the event of corruption or site loss
Assess existing infrastructure for its ability to meet current and future needs

How We Do It

Public cloud
Hyper/converged infrastructure
Data protection and disaster recovery

How We’ve Helped

Implemented converged infrastructure solution to increase network uptime from 87% to 100% for a large academic medical center
Reduced backup and recovery times from 29 hours to less than eight hours for a premier Midwest healthcare provider
Designed and deployed a greenfield “virtual first” environment in less than 60 days for a large mutual insurance company

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