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Our Expertise in Security & Risk

Infrastructure isn’t often architected with security in mind, because design teams are pressed to always move faster. AHEAD helps balance the demands for speed and security across all three phases of threat prevention, detection, and remediation.

One lever that we apply to this balancing act is automation. We’ll automate processes to handle the 25% of security problems that consume 90% of your SecOps team’s time, allowing your incident response team  to focus on the critical issues.

Furthermore, using the holistic view facilitated by our Enterprise Cloud Delivery Framework, we find and treat root causes, not symptoms. There’s a disconnect between what gets brought up in the news, and what’s at the heart of IT failures. Breaches—especially those involving the public cloud—more often stem from process and misconfiguration issues than attacks.


Endpoint Protection

Today’s complex computing ecosystem has made it a daunting task to keep organizations safe, and it’s never been more critical to design IT services with security in mind. We provide clients with security features and compliance policies to enable IT insights and improved controls over how end users access applications and data.

Defend your organizations from modern zero-day and ransomware attacks with robust manageable solutions.
Detect, prevent, and respond effectively to threats and malware beyond the capability of traditional anti-virus security products.
Gain enhanced end-to-end visibility, and conduct deep analyses of threats or incidents, past or present.
Manage your BYOD security policy and restrict highly sensitive information to organizational devices only.

Want an Introduction to Next-Gen Antivirus? Check Out Our Whiteboard Tutorial

Network Control & Threat Detection

Network control keeps rogue or compromised devices off of your corporate network, while threat detection analyzes network traffic to provide rich security intelligence. We help clients to protect their network and data with security strategies that leverage segmentation and policy control.

Protect your valuable IP, and restrict which users can access sensitive financial or customer records.
Segment users to meet compliance requirements, and limit the reach of less-trusted or less-known users like contractors or vendors.
Detect anomalies and patterns like rare/suspicious processes, risky activities, and unrecognized connections.
Correlate large amounts data collected on the network and endpoints to score and prioritize threats.

Log Aggregation & Analytics

The increasing sophistication and complexity of attacks are driving the need for advanced analytics powered by big data technologies. We help clients utilize the power of analytics to automate log monitoring, correlation, and alerting to enable efficient forensic investigations.

Aggregate your logs in a central location, making them easier to analyze, store, and manage.
Detect issues in real time and respond quickly to threats with Security Information and Events Monitoring (SIEM).
Detect, mitigate, and reduce insider threats like fraud, theft, and data leakage.
Meet regulatory and internal policy compliance requirements by logging and proactively monitoring information across the enterprise.

Governance, Risk, & Compliance

AHEAD takes an integrated approach leveraging industry standards to help organizations stay out of harm’s way. We help clients integrate the management, assurance of risk, and compliance activities.

Achieve and maintain GRC targets by designing and managing controls that enable your business to compete in today's marketplace.
Detect and assess the likelihood, as well as the business impact, of an event and respond to critical changes in risk posture.
Institute a standardized and transparent process for risk assessments, due diligence, and risk response with partners and vendors.
Automate best practice lifecycles, unify compliance processes, and provide assurances around their effectiveness.


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