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Streamline Your IT with Converged Infrastructure

DIY is for the weekend, not your data center.

For two decades, data center infrastructure existed in silos, requiring IT teams with unique skillsets to assemble the pieces. Today, storage, server, and network technologies are converging. This marriage allows enterprise IT to shift their focus; identifying root infrastructure problems and experimenting with architectures is replaced with delivering robust services at quicker time to value and developing diversified skillsets.

There are two leading approaches to converged infrastructure: converged (CI) and hyperconverged (HCI). At the highest level, CI and HCI vendors offer a prescriptive infrastructure appliance that is pre-designed, pre-built, and shipped to the customer site fully functional and ready to accept workload – with very little local or customer efforts or services. Once deployed, they offer the additional benefits of being a single-vendor support model and a higher-availability solution requiring significantly less time and money to manage.

Having worked with big-box vendors to start-ups as the converged marketplace has matured, AHEAD has tested and evaluated many of these leading technologies. Whether you’re new to converged infrastructure or are in the process of evaluating solutions, AHEAD Senior Solutions Architect Brian Suhr’s white paper will help you understand the evolution of this ecosystem and the multitude of platforms available.

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