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Public Cloud: Step by Step

A few weeks ago, Amazon Web Services (AWS) held its third and final North American summit in New York City. These events, held around the world, are designed to educate new customers about the AWS platform and offer existing customers deep technical content to be more successful with AWS. Their presence and attendance numbers also a key indicator of how prevalent public cloud discussions are becoming when IT outlines its plans for the next generation of their data centers. Today, IT organizations, especially the enterprise, are attempting to rationalize where the public cloud – AWS, Azure, Google, etc. – makes not only technical sense but financial and operational, as well.

Whether your enterprise is looking to eliminate “Shadow IT,” to continue driving a hybrid cloud initiative or to build a “cloud first” strategy for application deployment, there are questions and pitfalls related to not only the technology and security, but also the skillsets, organizational structure, and operational changes. It’s for these reasons, that AHEAD developed our Public Cloud Practice, headed by Eric Terrell. providerLooking AHEAD Tech Summit 2015, Eric discussed examples of successes, pitfalls, and opportunities dealing with these complexities.

Getting AHEAD in the Cloud – A Practical Journey to Public Cloud

Drawing from his experience formulating and championing a public cloud realization strategy for a global SaaS provider, Eric and the AHEAD Services team developed Getting AHEAD in the Cloud, a proprietary service bundle that provides you with public cloud training, a public cloud sandbox to understand the environment you’re considering, and a Design, Plan, and Roadmap to actually get there. It’s designed to help your enterprise IT team accelerate adoption after deciding that public cloud, whether Amazon or Azure, is a viable platform for your applications and workloads. If you want to learn more, visit the AHEAD Lab and Briefing Center and explore building your customized briefing today.

Still trying to rationalize your adoption journey to the public cloud? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. As our Public Cloud Practice Manager, Eric Terrell is focused on aiding enterprise clients with their cloud adoption initiatives. This isn’t your parents’ data center, so Eric published a white paper to help. Inside, you’ll learn a bit more about the key differences in managing operations in a public cloud, and dispel some common myths of operating workloads there. Check it out below and always feel free to reach out with additional questions.

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