AHEAD Welcomes Rubrik to the AHEAD Lab and Briefing Center

Fresh out of stealth mode this quarter, Rubrik has burst into the backup scene with some incredible buzz and momentum. You might be thinking what could be so exciting about a new backup product? And if it were anything other than Rubrik I would probably agree with you. Rubrik is prepared to disrupt the backup market in much the same way that hyperconverged infrastructure vendors like Nutanix, Simplivity, and others are doing in the data center.

The Rubrik product is a scale out, appliance-based approach like many hyperconverged solutions offer. They build scale out clusters out of nodes that scale linearly. This is not the cool part: Rubrik includes their fresh approach to backup management as part of the solution. So it’s a hardware and software solution that is tightly coupled together.

Two of their founding principles are listed below:  

  • Easy to setup – Up and running in 15 minutes

  • Simple to scale – Whether adding nodes to on-premises cluster or archiving to the cloud

This image shows some of their advanced features offered in the product that will be covered below.

Rubrik Features

Dynamic Policies – These policies are a big part of the simplicity that Rubrik offers. Out of the box there are three policies with the ability to create more. These policies allow SLA’s to be applied to the virtual machines that they are protecting. These policies govern backup data both stored on Rubrik or in the public cloud.

Instant Search – Think of a Google search when looking for that file or virtual machine that you want to restore. Suggested results are immediately populated as you type your query. Gone are the days of that nasty backup catalog that admins searched through when performing a restore. The Rubrik search has access to the full index whether files are locally stored or in the public cloud.

Zero-time Restores – Rubrik allows for instant recovery of VMs that are booted directly from Rubrik. This is not your father’s backup appliance as Rubrik utilizes flash storage within the node to allow instantly recovered VMs to perform like they do on your primary storage platform.

Hybrid Cloud – Tape is actually dead when you use the Rubrik solution. The public cloud can be used for long term, low-cost retention of encrypted data.

DevOps Infrastructure – Rubrik offers the ability to programmatically create zero-copy clones of VM environments that are mounted on Rubrik for usage in different environments within your organization.

Scale-Out Dedupe – Rubrik utilizes the scale out power of the cluster with web-scale systems and flash to maximize storage efficiency.

We have just completed our initial install of Rubrik in the AHEAD Lab and Briefing Center and are excited to begin learning more about the solution. Over the next weeks and months the AHEAD team will continue testing and evaluating Rubrik to the best ways our clients can utilize it in data center designs.

As we get to know Rubrik better, keep an eye on the AHEAD blog for additional posts about Rubrik that will explain in more detail how the product functions and how it will change the backup industry.

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