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AHEAD Architects Build Open Source Orchestrator Plugin for Rubrik

Two of AHEAD’s architects, myself and Eric Shanks, have built and published VMware vRealize Orchestrator plugins for the newly established backup vendor Rubrik, Inc.

Rubrik in the AHEAD Lab.After hitting the stage during GestaltIT’s popular Virtualization Field Day 5, Rubrik has been getting a lot of buzz in the community, and that’s not easy to do for a backup company. We recently deployed Rubrik in the AHEAD Lab and Briefing Center and were excited about its ease of use.


Our team of architects saw value in the simplicity in which Rubrik’s appliance manages backups and an opportunity to build in additional automation after seeing the REST API.  The vRealize Orchestrator plugins can be extended to vRealize Automation for end-to-end automation of a virtual machine deployment. These plugins will allow users to select the backup SLA for a virtual machine and let the automation workflow do the work.

Rubrik in the AHEAD Lab.

Screenshot of an example vRealize Orchestrator workflow

Shanks noted, “We talk so much with our clients about automation being more than just building a virtual machine. An automated solution needs to encompass everything related to the VMs, including tasks like backups.” 

AHEAD’s Hybrid Cloud solution and consulting engagement focuses on the lifecycles of client workloads and we’re working with partners to extend functionality into a cloud management platforms such as vRealize Automation, Cisco UCS Director, ServiceNow, and many others. 

Our practice around hybrid cloud is focused around much more than just a one size fits all solution. We are constantly working with our clients and partners to ensure we are able to piece together hybrid clouds that are meaningful and offer real value. Automation and orchestration is a key part of a hybrid cloud, and having pre-created workflow modules we can utilize over and over again will help all of our clients. By leveraging our own internal Infrastructure as Code Development Team, AHEAD will continue to innovate and lead in this space.

The plugins can be downloaded from and are free to the public. You can also explore Rubrik for yourself by participating in a briefing or demonstration at the AHEAD Lab and Briefing Center. 

AHEAD Lab and Briefing Center

About the Architects

Eric Shanks is a Technical Architect focusing on Hybrid Cloud Automation and Orchestration. He currently holds a VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX) certification in Datacenter Virtualization, which is the highest-level certification available from VMware. Eric has had twelve years experience working with virtualization, storage, networking, and other infrastructure technologies during his career. In his spare time, Eric is also one of the volunteer leaders of the Chicago VMware Users Group and writes a top virtualization blog,

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