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Accelerate Your Technology Evaluation with AHEAD Briefings

Developing your technology strategy and choosing a solution or direction can be a very complex and lengthy process. At AHEAD, we recognize this and we want to help our clients work through it as effectively and efficiently as possible. Our goal is to provide our clients with the free opportunity to craft strategy or evaluate technology alternatives, speeding up your evaluation process. To that end, we are constantly investing in educating ourselves, becoming experts in our field, evaluating the latest and greatest technologies for our clients to consider, and making them available to our clients via the AHEAD Lab and Briefing Center. 

The AHEAD Lab & Briefing Center

Get hands-on experience

You can cut out a lot of the time it takes to vet the solutions you’re considering by training with industry experts and getting hands-on experience in the AHEAD Lab. These experts have deep experience testing and implementing technology solutions and can help you determine which is best for your business. You can also create your own customized sandbox by choosing from our array of bleeding-edge technologies that are built and in production.

Work with experts you trust

When you incorporate the AHEAD Lab and Briefing Center into your evaluation process, your team gets to work side by side with our experts. These engineers, architects, and consultants have achieved some of the highest levels of certifications like VCDX (we’ve home grown four VCDXs out of 202 worldwide) and CCIE, and some have literally written the books on the technologies they excel in. Every platform, product, and solution that exists in our lab today was built by this team to solve specific use cases that enterprise IT organizations face.

Stay independent

Each year, our team spend hundreds of hours evaluating new and existing technologies using the AHEAD Lab, and we carefully choose to work with only those that pass the test. Use cases, performance, operations, maturity, and competition – these are all things we consider in our evaluations. We also uncover the data that proves or disproves analyst ratings, and we use these data points when helping our clients in their evaluation process. These experts and data are available to you throughout your evaluation process. And when we work with you to recommend a customized solution, you know it’s because we are certain that solution will bring immediate and long-term value to your business.

Multiple types of briefings

The AHEAD Lab and Briefing Center provides you with executive briefings where our experts help you set your IT strategy from a technical, operational, and financial perspective. In our technical briefings, your team will receive hands-on experience evaluating technologies before implementing them in your own environment. These technologies are proven: We’ve invested millions of dollars bringing in innovative, disruptive, and often competing technologies and testing them to see how much value they’ll bring you both today and in the future. You and your team can use this space to explore new technologies, determine your optimal business strategy, and speed up the time you spend evaluating and implementing new solutions.

You can learn more about our briefing process by visiting our AHEAD Lab and Briefing Center page below. Here you’ll be able to explore some of the topics and technologies we offer and to hear from clients who have visited our center.

AHEAD Lab and Briefing Center

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