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Cloud Optimization and Governance Platform

CoPilot is a subscription-based offering combining tooling and insights with ongoing remediation and configuration services, all designed to optimize cloud environments.

Regardless of your maturity with the cloud, CoPilot can help you reach your cloud desired state:

Maintain cloud control with security and compliance
Get assistance with configuration and deployments
Gain visibility and continually optimize cloud usage

Your organization needs the innovation and speed that the cloud provides, but also the cockpit, controls and guidance systems to get you to your desired destination. That’s what AHEAD’s Cloud Optimization and Governance Platform provides.

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Configuration Overview

The CoPilot Cloud Optimization and Governance Platform encodes industry best practice, and delivers these benefits:

Benchmarks to gauge how well you’re performing against best practice
Live dashboard and real-time alerts to help you quickly respond to anomalies
Access to AHEAD experts via online chat
Consistent cadence of in-person engagement
Customizable reporting and rule-sets

Tier Options

Tooling, Alerting, and IP

  • CoPilot Tooling, Alerting, and IP provide visibility into cost, billing, inventory, availability, utilization, and security.
  • The offering comes as CoPilot or CoPilot+, the latter providing additional security and compliance monitoring and real-time alerting to configuration changes.

Cloud Insights

  • CoPilot Cloud Insights pairs our tooling with certified Cloud Engineers reviewing your environment for improvements.
  • Monthly or quarterly Cloud Insights are available, depending on the required frequency for reporting and optimization.

Enablement Hours

  • CoPilot Enablement Hours allow certified AHEAD Cloud Engineers to work on remediation, configuration, and hands-on technical tasks.
  • Monthly hours are available in buckets based on customer requirements, and roll over from month to month if unused.

Solution Architecture

AHEAD has done the extensive research on the right tools for monitoring cloud billing, inventory, security, and compliance. 

We developed our own proprietary message bus to make sure what we’re monitoring can easily be integrated into Service Now for incident management. And we employ Slack for ChatOps support and access to AHEAD cloud experts. Access to all of this – reporting, monitoring, and incident management – is delivered through a single sign-on portal.

How much time and resource would you require to stitch this all together?  Not just the technologies, but the reporting and benchmarks, and synthesis of all the data they provide.

This is exactly what we need to do with the best of breed tools. But we don't have the time or resource to constantly evaluate, configure, tune, or troubleshot them - let alone monitor all of the data they generate.

-CIO, Information Services Company

Security and Compliance Monitoring

Security and Compliance in the public cloud is ever-changing from user-initiated changes to newly launched services being deployed in accounts.

CoPilot helps monitor your environment for proper controls and configurations along with monitoring changes made either manually or programmatically.

CoPilot supports the following frameworks with near-real time alerting and ticket creation to provide your team visibility into the environment:

CIS, HIPAA, PCI-DSS 3.2, NIST 800-53, GDPR Readiness

Enablement Hours

We’ve done the research and integration of the right tools and controls for your public cloud. Using enablement hours, we also help you operationalize those tools, process the data, and remediate issues.

CoPilot Enablement Hours allow certified cloud engineers to work on remediation, configuration, and hands-on technical tasks.  Monthly hours are available in buckets based on customer requirements, and roll over from month to month during the term.

Some common examples of how CoPilot clients use Enablement Hours:

CloudFormation template authoring
S3 lifecycle policy management
Dashboard customization
IAM policy development
Automation via Lambda
Config rule creation


What types of issues can CoPilot help resolve?

CoPilot provides an integrated toolset to monitor and report on inventory, billing, security and compliance for AWS. The service gives you access to AHEAD’s collective expertise and knowledge to remediate and improve your environment through AHEAD Enablement hours, designed time each month for CoPilot engineers to help your team.

How do I access the CoPilot service?

Access to reporting, monitoring, and incident management is available through the CoPilot single sign-on portal. You will be assigned credentials to access the CoPilot portal as part of the onboarding process.

How long does it take to be onboarded to CoPilot?

Initial onboarding generally takes only a couple of hours. AHEAD leverages AWS CloudFormation templates to streamline the onboarding process. Further customization of alerts, compliance bundles, and other metrics will occur over the first several weeks.

Do I retain ownership over my AWS account(s) and data?

You retain ownership of the AWS account(s) and have full rights and privileges to control the environment.  Access is maintained by your administrators.

Can the CoPilot team see my data?

You always retain the ability to control and audit who is accessing each AWS account. AHEAD operates under the principle of least privilege. If you grant AHEAD access to the environment, the CoPilot team uses cross-account IAM roles to access AWS resources as needed. Additionally, the CoPilot tooling does not make any automated modifications to your environment.

Can the CoPilot team help me with questions about AWS services or guidance around which applications to use?

Yes. The CoPilot team is available to provide guidance about services being used as well as improvements to your environment. CoPilot engineers have extensive experience using AWS services and assist you in creating a well-architected environment. Additionally, our team is able to provide education and advice about new services and how they can optimize your environment.  

When is the CoPilot team available?

CoPilot engineers are available during business hours, Monday through Friday, 9:00AM – 5:00PM (Eastern), except holidays.

Does CoPilot manage my applications or provide development support for my workloads?

CoPilot focuses on helping you optimize, secure, and gain insight into your AWS infrastructure. Your team will be responsible for managing any application-level requirements for the workloads.

Does CoPilot for AWS include Consolidated Billing?

Yes. AHEAD provides Consolidated Billing as part of CoPilot for AWS. You will receive one bill for CoPilot inclusive of AWS charges across all linked AWS accounts. AHEAD does not mark-up AWS charges — you pay the rates that are published on the AWS website for your usage. Our clients find that receiving an invoice from AHEAD for all accounts streamlines billing when multiple stakeholders deploy services on AWS.

Does AHEAD provide any chargeback for specific departments or applications?

Yes. AHEAD can provide custom chargeback/showback reporting to meet your needs in addition to budgets and billing alerts based on tags and applications.



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