Services for Your Enterprise Cloud

AHEAD offers a full complement of services to transform how and where you run applications and infrastructure.  From education and strategy development, to complex deployments and ongoing operational management, we’ve got you covered.

At every stage of every service, we strive to help you:

Strike a balance between innovation and operational excellence
Blend technological, operational, and organizational perspectives
Take a holistic view across your IT infrastructure

You can start your journey at multiple points, and combine these services in a variety of ways.

Education & Enablement


We offer 60 different executive and technical briefings through AHEAD Labs. We’ve invested millions bringing disruptive technologies to our labs. Your team can use our space to explore new technologies and interact with industry experts, or we can come to your offices. AHEAD Labs also hosts monthly virtual briefings. Either way, you stay current on the latest enterprise cloud trends and learn the potential they hold for your business. Our briefing experience typically includes some combination of these experiences:

Accelerated evaluation process
Hands-on experience with emerging technologies
Personalized sandbox environment
Side-by-side technology comparisons
Lab demonstrations
Facilitated discussion of your challenges, requirements, and objectives

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Strategy & Roadmap


When organizations look to adopt cloud solutions but lack a guiding strategy, delivery suffers and results stall. But with a proper strategy in place, you can drive alignment and achieve success.

Using a workshop-based approach, AHEAD’s Strategy and Roadmap offering teaches, unites, and delivers decision makers an actionable strategy and roadmap that incorporates the following:

Objectives and critical success factors
Cloud-readiness assessment
Use case and workload analysis
Organizational alignment
Operational models
Economic analysis
Billing, including chargeback or showback
Technology alternatives
Reference architectures
Security, governance, and compliance
Application profiling and rationalization
Service and business process management

Design & Plan


Successful cloud service design is more complex than choosing between technology providers and product features. Architecting the services you want to deliver with an understanding of the corresponding impact is critical.

AHEAD’s Design and Plan offering leverages a collaborative, workshop-based approach to rapidly develop the business, technology, and operational processes required to deliver enterprise cloud services. This includes making key decisions around:

Application and infrastructure architectures
Cloud management platform
Lifecycle management
DevOps approach
Blueprints and workflows
Automation, orchestration, and configuration management
Service catalog
Capacity and performance management
Investment analysis
Data protection and disaster recovery
Deployment planning
Application migration planning

Deployment & Management


Whether you are looking to extend or get out of your data center, moving to the cloud will have a significant impact on your business. As with any IT initiative, follow-through and management beyond the initial deployment will help you ensure the success of your cloud platforms.

AHEAD’s Deploy and Manage offering accelerates your adoption of the cloud by leveraging our cloud reference architectures, pre-built IP, best practices, and the deep experience of our experts. We can help you with:

Service management integration
Cloud management platform deployment
Infrastructure deployment
Configuration management
Blueprint and workflow development
Automation and orchestration
Continuous integration and delivery
Application migration factory
Third-party integrations
Monitoring and log management
“Day 2” operations
Ongoing management and optimization

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