Webinar: Revealing the Blind Spots in Your IT Infrastructure Spend

About the Webinar

IT leaders in the driver’s seat of their organization are constantly focused on the road ahead—including forces reshaping the industry and emerging technology trends. But the road to digital transformation is riddled with blind spots—whether in the form of hidden infrastructure costs or obstructed views of multi-year, total cost of ownership (TCO).
In a “do-more-with-less” world, IT decision-makers are tasked with not only pursuing the latest and greatest in tech initiatives, but also keeping the lights on while improving service levels. So, what if you could take those sunken costs and eliminate or repurpose them to fuel company-wide innovation? This webinar addresses just that: identifying improvements in operations to fund modernization within your organization.
AHEAD Solutions Principal John Cole outlines a roadmap to data center optimization, including:

  • Top enterprise IT objectives for 2018—and best practices for success
  • Analyzing committed data center costs—and repurposing those funds to eliminate incremental budget approvals
  • IT infrastructure maintenance—and effectively managing multiple vendors and contracts
  • AHEAD’s “Harvest to Invest” initiative—and how we helped a large healthcare system identify significant cost savings opportunities