Locked Down: Building a Full-Scale IT Security Strategy


About the Video

In this video briefing, AHEAD Security and Compliance Solutions Principal, Steven Aiello, demonstrates how to build a more effective, operationally-efficient security and compliance program within your organization. Presented to AHEAD’s clients in our Executive Briefing Center, the whiteboard session walks through how AHEAD gives enterprises a truly holistic operating model to manage security, governance, risk, and compliance.

Among the many topics covered include:

  • How ServiceNow’s tools and modules can accelerate SecOps and GRC initiatives
  • Using automation and orchestration to create rich and robust CMDBs
  • How organizational context and visibility factor into threat detection and response
  • Using Splunk to both consume and correlate data to provide more meaningful insights
  • AHEAD’s proprietary ServiceNow reporting to ensure streamlined, 24/7 attestation and error-free auditing

AHEAD’s team of leading security experts can ensure your organization is building a proactive, full-scale, and risk-based IT security strategy.

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