Where Service Management and Security Converge

Watch as two AHEAD experts representing the disciplines of service management and security/compliance, discuss how ServiceNow can be used for real-time monitoring of compliance activities and posture, while automating security incident response. These combined capabilities are key enablers to balance security and speed, while reducing the burden being placed on overtaxed IT teams.

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Enabling IaaS in Your Enterprise Cloud

In this webinar, Enabling IaaS in Your Enterprise Cloud, AHEAD Solutions Principal Nick Colyer and Technical Architect Tim Carr exhibited how you can take AWS services and make them enterprise-ready. Along with demonstrations that showcased enterprise IaaS in action, this webinar highlighted:

  • Major concepts related to enterprise IaaS
  • How to onboard AWS
  • Automation/orchestration techniques needed to fully enable an enterprise cloud and provide relevant IT services back to the business
  • Tying AWS events into ServiceNow
  • Integrated IaaS tools such as ServiceNow, AWS, vSphere, Puppet, and Github

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Standardizing Configuration Management in Your Hybrid Cloud with Puppet

In this webinar, Standardizing Configuration Management in Your Hybrid Cloud with Puppet is jointly presented by Dan Wittenberg, Senior Technical Architect at AHEAD, and James Jones, Senior Technical Solutions Engineer at Puppet. Together, they discuss Puppet’s model-driven approach to configuration management and how it introduces a sustainable strategy to keeping order to software in your organization. In this webinar, uncover the basics of configuration management, what it is, how it’s evolved over the last twenty years, and how it can answer complex IT business needs.

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How to Empower Your End Users with DaaS and Amazon WorkSpaces

In this webinar, AHEAD’s Nick Frank, Practice Lead of End-User Computing and Mobility, discusses how DaaS solutions, like Amazon WorkSpaces, eliminate hardware complexity and maintain a highly customizable end-user experience that can be an effective solution for more of your users than you might think. We’ll take you through the benefits of a subscription-based VDI model, including the ability to rapidly provision, how to remove capital investment obstacles, the ability to integrate with existing enterprise directory services, and how DaaS solutions provide a new technology solution for delivering EUC to your users.

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Automating IPAM in Your Hybrid Cloud with Infoblox

In this webinar, Nick Colyer, Practice Manager, Cloud Management and Automation at AHEAD, and Matt Gowarty, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Infoblox, showcase how IT can deliver applications and services supported by pools of infrastructure to facilitate agile development, drive consistency, and reduce costs. Specifically, they cover how automation and orchestration both improve reliability and scalability by automating tasks into workflows for two often overlooked areas of automation: DNS provisioning and IP address assignment.

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Building a Hybrid Cloud with Tintri

Building a Hybrid Cloud with Tintri, featuring Nick Colyer of AHEAD and Adam Cavaliere of Tintri, uncovers Tintri’s capabilities for self-service when combined with powerful VMware automation tools like vRealize.

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