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Speed, Meet Trust

As a security professional, you’re being pulled in different directions.

On the one hand, you are being asked to support the digital transformation of your business. On the other hand, you’re facing more advanced cyber threats that you need to protect against, along with adopting new compliance requirements.

AHEAD helps clients with that balancing act. Our goal in Security is to help build more effective security and compliance programs, while at the same time, making them more efficient.  

The Need for a Holistic Approach to Security and Risk

Face it, today’s security landscape is a lot more complicated. Without a holistic strategy in place, you’ll remain vulnerable to attacks, perhaps not knowing your systems have been compromised until it’s too late. But what does holistic mean?

It means applying automation, analytics, and agile thinking across the security lifecycle.

Identification. Ahead will help implement a robust vulnerability management program giving you the insight you need to make prioritized decisions where risks are in your environment.

Protection. Ahead will put an in-depth strategy in place to protect your organization from attacks, for example, using network micro segmentation to reduce your attack surface.

Detection. Ahead will tap the insight and power of your log data across all systems to detect anomalies and put you in a position to respond in a timely manner.

Response. Ahead will lean on its deep roots in automation to quickly prioritize threats and automate the response of frequent and common security events.

Recovery. Ahead will leverage its heritage of robust backup solutions to ensure minimal disruption to your business and keep your data in the public or private cloud, safe.

Stitching these functions together, and applying our investments in automation, analytics, and agile – is what AHEAD does best.

Cloud Security

The cloud is more than a place—it’s an operating model. Leveraging a cloud platform in the same way as a traditional data center does not increase agility or reduce time to market. Enterprises need to adapt their on-premise controls and governance processes to support the agility that the public cloud provides. For example, the ability to provision a compute instance in minutes is irrelevant to the enterprise if it’s performed in an unsafe manner or does not account for compliance requirements.

AHEAD has the skills and resources to enable customers to bridge that gap. AHEAD has helped customers extend and evolve their security programs to secure and take advantage of public cloud to its fullest value.

AHEAD’s deep heritage of automation and orchestration allows its customers to automate many security challenges found in the public cloud, such as:

  • Identity and access integration between on-premises and public cloud providers
  • Automation of public cloud networking and security integration
  • Asset and change management process integration
  • Technical security controls spanning the prevention, detection, and remediation processes

AHEAD achieves this through an ecosystem of partners and its deep scripting expertise. AHEAD has built a rich cloud management solution that ties industry-leading platforms together with a common message bus, which provides a true, single pane of glass experience.

Beyond these technical abilities, AHEAD’s consulting organization has enabled CISOs to educate their security teams to operate securely in the public cloud.

The way AHEAD approaches the public cloud is not to isolate it, but to integrate it into the operating model of an existing organization. Organizations need to think of the public cloud as a tool that enriches their operating model, rather than a burden that creates yet another silo.

CoPilot: A More Secure and Compliant Public Cloud

CoPilot combines tooling and insights with ongoing remediation and configuration services, all designed to optimize your public cloud environments.

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Endpoint Protection

Today’s complex computing ecosystem has made it a daunting task to keep organizations safe, and it’s never been more critical to design IT services with security in mind. We provide clients with security features and compliance policies to enable IT insights and improved controls over how end users access applications and data.

  • Defend your organizations from modern zero-day and ransomware attacks with robust manageable solutions.
  • Detect, prevent, and respond effectively to threats and malware beyond the capability of traditional anti-virus security products.
  • Gain enhanced end-to-end visibility, and conduct deep analyses of threats or incidents, past or present.
  • Manage your BYOD security policy and restrict highly sensitive information to organizational devices only.

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Network Control and Threat Detection

Network control keeps rogue or compromised devices off of your corporate network, while threat detection analyzes network traffic to provide rich security intelligence. We help clients to protect their network and data with security strategies that leverage segmentation and policy control.

  • Protect your valuable IP, and restrict which users can access sensitive financial or customer records.
  • Segment users to meet compliance requirements, and limit the reach of less-trusted or less-known users like contractors or vendors.
  • Detect anomalies and patterns like rare/suspicious processes, risky activities, and unrecognized connections.
  • Correlate large amounts data collected on the network and endpoints to score and prioritize threats.

Security Information and Event Management

The increasing sophistication and complexity of attacks are driving the need for advanced analytics powered by big data technologies. We help clients utilize the power of analytics to automate log monitoring, correlation, and alerting to enable efficient forensic investigations.

  • Aggregate your logs in a central location, making them easier to analyze, store, and manage.
  • Detect issues in real time and respond quickly to threats.
  • Detect, mitigate, and reduce insider threats like fraud, theft, and data leakage.
  • Meet regulatory and internal policy compliance requirements by logging and proactively monitoring information across the enterprise.

Security Operations

AHEAD helps balance the demands for speed and security across all three phases of threat prevention, detection, and remediation. One lever that we apply is automation. We’ll automate processes to handle the 25% of security problems that consume 90% of your SecOps team’s time, allowing your incident response team  to focus on the critical issues.

Furthermore, using the holistic view facilitated by our Enterprise Cloud Delivery Framework, we find and treat root causes, not symptoms. There’s a disconnect between what gets brought up in the news, and what’s at the heart of IT failures. Breaches—especially those involving the public cloud—more often stem from process and misconfiguration issues than attacks.

AHEAD integrates enterprise security systems into a centralized security operations, including:

  • Vulnerability management platforms
  • Endpoint protection and EDR
  • Firewall IDS/IPS reporting
  • Threat intelligence
  • Log aggregation and analytics

AHEAD also helps clients utilize ServiceNow as a platform to optimize SecOps. We do this by tightly connecting our ESM and Security practices.

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Governance, Risk, and Compliance

AHEAD takes an integrated approach leveraging industry standards to help organizations stay out of harm’s way. We help clients integrate the management, assurance of risk, and compliance activities.

  • Achieve and maintain GRC targets by designing and managing controls that enable your business to compete in today’s marketplace.
  • Detect and assess the likelihood, as well as the business impact, of an event and respond to critical changes in risk posture.
  • Institute a standardized and transparent process for risk assessments, due diligence, and risk response with partners and vendors.
  • Automate best practice lifecycles, unify compliance processes, and provide assurances around their effectiveness.

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Law firm BGD creates a platform to support world class client service.

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Delivering a standardized, secure, and scalable analytics offering using Azure.

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University of Chicago Medicine improves the performance of shared services using ServiceNow.

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Five Questions to Ask Yourself

  1. Do you have a security strategy that enables your business initiatives or slows it down?
  2. How will you maintain your commitment to security and compliance in the the public cloud?
  3. Can an unauthorized device connect to your network and reach your mission critical systems?
  4. Are you leveraging the data in your log files to identify security events in real-time?
  5. Do you use automation to better respond to security threats and create efficiencies in your security teams?

Better Together

AHEAD partners with 60 technology providers, all geared toward optimizing the enterprise cloud.

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Can an unauthorized device connect to your network and reach your mission-critical systems? AHEAD leverages CarbonBlack to provide the malware protection you need from next-generation antiviruses.

AHEAD maintains deep competencies in all Cisco product lines, including networking and security. We earned the Cisco Advanced Security Architecture Specialization in 2017, and have formed an entire practice supporting Cisco’s AppDynamics platform.


AHEAD uses Palo Alto network to design, migrate, and deploy automated security solutions that span the enterprise cloud, across public and private infrastructure.


AHEAD is a Gold Status Partner for both Sales and Service, thanks to our demonstrated success in selling and implementing the ServiceNow platform, and maintaining high customer satisfaction scores.

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AHEAD’s experts help design the incident routing process and develop a mature vulnerability management process leveraging Splunk.

VMware logo

Since its inception, AHEAD has been a key partner of VMware. We’re honored to have won the Americas Partner Innovation Award in the category of Professional Services.

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