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Flexibility, Meet Scale

The benefits of cloud are widely accepted, but achieving those benefits isn’t as easy as swiping a credit card. Whether it’s blind spots in areas of costs and inventory, or configuration missteps due to inexperienced teams, or surprises at the amount of tooling and automation required, the move to the cloud is complex.

And if you’re like most enterprises, you’ll maintain a mix of on- and off-premises infrastructure. That’s where AHEAD’s cloud capabilities stand apart.

For one, we’re not locked into a single cloud platform. We maintain deep expertise in both AWS and Azure – reflecting the realities of most organizations.

Also, we build bridges between the new world and the legacy world – combining our public cloud expertise with our heritage in the enterprise. By maintaining dedicated but connected practices for cloud, data center, enterprise service management, and security, we help clients stitch together their enterprise clouds.

Successful Cloud Adoption Requires a Mix of Phased and Ongoing Activities

The cloud journey is about much more than a migration plan and roadmap. AHEAD’s services for the public cloud reflect that.

AHEAD’s Public Cloud Services

We provide a full complement of services, including lifecycle services like strategy, foundational design, and application assessment and migration; as well as support for continuous activities like optimization, education, prioritization, and cloud governance and security.

Cloud Strategy and Roadmap

Establish your guiding objectives, strategy, and roadmap for the public cloud. Envision what your environment will look like in order to map use cases, services, and cost back to business outcomes. Based on a portfolio analysis, we will help you build an agile approach to successfully leveraging the public cloud.

How Do You Evolve?

Foundation Design

Don’t consider the public cloud as an end state, but rather as a new way of operating. So, we created our Public Cloud Operating Model to help clients oversee where apps run, where data lives, and how services get consumed.

These 12 pillars are essential to making your public cloud enterprise-ready – from security and compliance, to network design, to architecture, and ongoing governance.

AHEAD Public Cloud Operating Model

We use this framework with clients to configure the initial infrastructure foundation, then plan migration of initial workloads, including reviews of application candidacy, migration alternatives, and team structures.

Deployment and Migration Factory

Conduct a detailed application discovery and assessment to determine where to move your apps and by which method. Our migration approach is designed for scale in order to maximize efficiency. This approach standardizes migration across your targeted apps and includes testing and validation, cutover procedures, and ongoing operations and measurement.

Migration Methodology

Day 2 Operations

Rely on AHEAD’s CoPilot platform to improve the predictability, security, and responsiveness of your public cloud environment.

We combine state-of-the-art tools for monitoring your inventory, costs, security, and compliance with our expert guidance, benchmarks, and remediation support to help you minimize unforeseen expenses and security risks. Read more

Optimize Your AWS Cloud While Clearing the Hurdles of Security and Cost

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Cloud Management Platforms

If your company operates in the cloud, you’ve probably thought about investing in a Cloud Management Platform (CMP) — a group of integrated products that manage public, private, and hybrid cloud environments.

For an enterprise with a heavy private cloud emphasis, the right CMP can transform your VM provisioning, reducing a potentially weeks-long manual process to an automated one that finishes in a matter of minutes. AHEAD is a leading, award-winning partner of VMware

And if you run one or more public clouds, the right CMP can help you take better control of your cloud services, manage your cloud spending, and architect your app platforms to run seamlessly in the cloud. Through our deep history in automation and operations, and our expertise in both AWS and Azure, we’ll evolve your ServiceNow platform so that it can better enable both the public cloud and the data center.

The markets for enterprise service management (ESM) and cloud management (CMP) continue to evolve—and converge. AHEAD can help you navigate these changes, bridging ESM and CMP in a way that addresses the urgency of each department, while instilling the oversight that IT needs to ensure quality and compliance.

Find a Cloud Management Platform That Fits Your Enterprise Cloud Needs.

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In addition to considering compatibility with your existing environment, you’ll want to assess the capabilities of the orchestration tool, the availability and cost of integration plug-ins, the maturity of the platform, and the ability to optimize cloud costs.

VMware Cloud on AWS

As a premier partner of VMware and early adopter of VMware Cloud on AWS (VMC), AHEAD has the expertise to apply our foundational design, deployment, and migration methodologies to your existing VMware environment.

VMC Environment Analysis and Readiness Service

  • Prepare and validate your environment for vSphere 6.5 and VMC integration.
  • Create and execute a holistic vSphere 6.5 upgrade plan to enable future use of Hybrid Linked Mode to move workloads between on-premises and VMC.
  • Design and implement VMware Site Recovery to enable automated disaster recovery to VMC.

VMC Application Discovery Framework

  • Discover and map applications with an understanding of application dependencies, a critical component of a successful cloud migration.
  • Acquire a complete understanding of the application environment as an input for a comprehensive cloud strategy to build migration waves and plan for a successful cloud migration or hybrid design (ex. DRaaS).

VMC Design and Deploy

  • Architect and size your VMC environment based on application needs, providing a planned roadmap for future growth based on application roadmap.
  • Design and deploy your VMC environment, extending your on-premises infrastructure while enabling consumption of native cloud services.

VMC Hybrid Cloud Design and Deploy

  • Leverage NSX and vRealize Network Insight to span networks.
  • Centralize security policies to support cross-vCenter and long-distance vMotion.
  • Accelerate the deployment of application stacks by orchestrating delivery of network and security services through integration of NSX with vRealize Automation.
  • Implement highly available connectivity between VMC and on-premises vSphere environments by designing optimal underlays for NSX that combine well-architected AWS VPC designs with DirectConnect transports from providers.
  • Plan for VMC Integration with native AWS services like S3; Elastic File System; Elastic Load Balancing.

VMC Migration Services

  • Use application assessments and programmatic migration frameworks to create migration waves, migration windows, and technical and executive reporting to move workloads between on-premises datacenter, colocation facility, and VMC.

VMC Foundational Design and Deployment

  • Build from programmatic framework to consult, design, and deploy AWS Foundational Cloud solution.
  • Include education, customer and application specific design, and deployment of AWS Cloud infrastructure, and operations framework

VMC Cloud Automation Services

  • Improve quality and consistency of services as well as speed of service delivery in key areas of automation, orchestration, and configuration management.
  • Integrate VMC as a logical endpoint for cloud self-service, as part of AHEAD’s automation service, using VMware vRealize Automation and Orchestrator.
  • Implement CMDB / ITSM / ITIL processes using VMware vRealize Automation and Orchestrator, ensuring continued visibility, control, and security of your environment.

This Year, AHEAD Was Awarded VMware Partner of the Year in the Category of Professional Services for the Americas

AWS and Azure Qualifications

We’re not locked into just one specific cloud platform. We maintain deep expertise in both AWS and Azure, reflecting the needs of most enterprise organizations. Below are some of our qualifications and educational offerings across both platforms.

Premier Consulting PartnerGold Cloud Platform Competency
DevOps Competency Status40+ specialists and 25+ certifications
Storage Competency StatusIP CoSell Ready Solution Offerings
70+ specialists and 30+ certifications
VMC on AWS Beta / Launch Partner
AWS Education ServicesAzure Education Services
Cloud Formation Overview
Azure Networking
VPC Network Peering
Azure Compute – Virtual Machines
Operations: EC2 Systems Manager
Azure Storage Services / Blob Storage
Security / Automated Remediation
Azure Monitoring and Operations
Automation / Cloud Formation TemplatesApplication Scaling / Automating On Demand

Across both AWS and Azure, AHEAD frequently delivers the following use cases to clients:

  • Environment Validation and Optimization
  • Application Assessment and Rationalization
  • On-premises to Cloud Connectivity
  • Cloud Automation and Management

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Five Questions to Ask Yourself

  1. Have you planned for the organizational changes necessary to adopt and take advantage of public cloud?
  2. Have you clearly articulated and communicated your desired outcomes from adoption of the public cloud?
  3. Do you have a plan for managing Day 2 operations?
  4. Have you let go of legacy artifacts or processes that no longer make sense in a public cloud context?
  5. Do you have a plan for fully integrating the cloud into your key enterprise systems?

Better Together

AHEAD partners with 60 technology providers, all geared toward optimizing the enterprise cloud.

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AHEAD is an AWS Premier Consulting partner, having attained the DevOps and Storage Competencies. The designation recognizes AHEAD as an AWS Partner Network (APN) member who delivers both technical proficiency and proven client success with AWS.

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AHEAD is a Gold Cloud Platform Competency partner with Microsoft Azure. To achieve this status, businesses must submit customer references that demonstrate successful projects, meet a performance commitment, and pass technology and sales assessments.


Chef aims to solve automation across the enterprise IT estate, and across functional roles, to provide an environment where a business can build, deploy, and manage any software, anywhere.


CloudBees Core is a CI/CD automation engine with the flexibility to support diverse software portfolios and the unified governance required by growing organizations.


From Terraform to Vault, AHEAD is an expert on all things HashiCorp. AHEAD can help you integrate HashiCorp Vault to secure your cloud and leverage Terraform to provision any infrastructure for any application.


AHEAD achieved the latest "Partner MVP Award, Americas," and its senior technical architect, Dan Wittenberg, received the "Engineer of the Year, Americas" award.

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