Intelligent Operations

Digital Demands New Insights and Controls

The growing urgency to improve technology performance across an increasingly complex environment requires a new approach. While terms like AIOps capture the headlines, some major prerequisites must be met first:

  • To first deliver a unified view of performance across all IT domains
  • To define performance in business terms clearly understood by leadership
  • To close the loop not just with fast remediation but by incorporating learnings back into your architecture and processes

We call this collective approach, Intelligent Operations, one of five pillars of the AHEAD Digital Delivery Platform.

A Guide to: Intelligent Operations

Read our eBook and learn about the challenge of monitoring today’s digital environment, the framework of effective intelligent operations, a maturity model for measuring your own status, and much more.

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Enterprise Service Management

Running IT like a business means, improving the speed – and quality – of service delivered. It means a maniacal focus on productivity, and providing complete transparency into what and how IT is doing as a service provider.

AHEAD’s enterprise service management practice will help you manage IT in way that enables speed and innovation, but with rigor, governance, and measurement.

The Value is in the Stitching

Several solution providers can help implement ServiceNow, but in most cases, that’s all they know. AHEAD’s secret sauce is in the stitching.

With dedicated teams for service management, as well as security, public cloud and the data center, we know how to extend the reach and impact of your ServiceNow platform.

Does Your ServiceNow Platform Need a Recharge

Many companies have taken a narrow focus on just ticketing — and they’re not set up to satisfy a business that wants to rapidly rollout new services, new capabilities. We’re often called in to course-correct an implementation or recharge the ServiceNow platform so that the organization can achieve the desired goals of more self-service, transparency, and responsiveness.

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IT Operations Management

AHEAD’s enterprise service management practice centers on the ServiceNow platform.  On average, AHEAD consultants have more than 5 years of experience with that platform.

When implementing or recharging the ServiceNow ITOM module, AHEAD improves the speed of identifying disruptions and improving service availability. We automate IT processes and remediation, and bring rigor and discipline to the practices of event management, discovery, and operational intelligence.

IT Service Management

We apply the ServiceNow ITSM module to bring automation, consistency, and speed to IT service delivery.  AHEAD helps clients consolidate legacy applications, automate manual processes, and through a single source of the truth, better demonstrate and enforce alignment between IT and business priorities.

Questions on the Financial Rationale for an ESM Platform?

Forrester Research conducted a study examining the potential ROI enterprises may realize by modernizing ITSM, improving ITOM while eliminating service outages, and optimizing performance with real-time analytics.

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IT Business Management

With practical expertise and experience in using ServiceNow for project portfolio management, resource management, and demand management, the AHEAD team helps IT organizations run more like disciplined businesses. We help clients determine where to invest their resources to best support organizational goals.

We practice what we preach. AHEAD uses ServiceNow ITBM to run its own client services practice.

Client Results

AHEAD has served more than 500 clients in helping accelerate their digital transformations. Learn More

Embracing Enterprise Service Management

University of Chicago Medicine improves the performance of shared services using ServiceNow.

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Enterprise Monitoring and Analytics

There are many tools available to help monitor IT performance and availability across infrastructure, applications, and digital experience. And insights may be plentiful within those individual technology siloes.

Where it gets challenging is in coming up with a unified understanding of performance and availability across all of IT.  For the CTO, here’s why it’s so complex:

  • Infrastructure and applications are increasingly abstracted, converged, and dynamic.
  • SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS environments introduce additional complexity as they are outside the control of traditional monitoring capabilities.
  • Resulting hybrid IT infrastructures, combined with growing applications and changing customer needs, lead to monitoring tool overload.
  • Changes to software development require monitoring and optimization throughout the software development lifecycle.

Application Performance Monitoring

At the heart of a successful Enterprise Monitoring solution lies Application Performance Monitoring (APM). APM software provides essential visibility into infrastructure, enables performance baseline measurements, and draws correlations between customer experience and applications.

Whether you’ve already implemented an APM solution like AppDynamics or are simply exploring your options, it’s important to remember that you’ll need mature processes to ensure proper optimization.

AHEAD’s Maturity Model for Application Performance Monitoring will help you to determine your level of maturity to make sure you’re getting the most out of your current and future implementations.

Application Performance Monitoring Maturity Model

Using or Considering AppDynamics for Application Performance Management?

AppDynamics enables transaction-level performance monitoring, application mapping, dynamic baselining and code-level diagnostics. But APM is a serious undertaking. AHEAD created an APM Maturity Model to help you ensure you’re getting the most out of your APM strategy.

Read Getting the Most Out of AppDynamics

5 Questions to Ask Yourself

  1. Can you identify your business-critical applications, transactions, and services?
  2. Do you have blind spots in system performance and delivery?
  3. Are your capacity management efforts effective? Are they reactive or proactive?
  4. How are event management, workflow, and remediation addressed today?
  5. Are you able to articulate an enterprise monitoring strategy or direction?

Better Together

AHEAD partners with 60 technology providers, all geared toward optimizing the enterprise cloud.

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AHEAD is the #1 partner in the US for AppDynamics. We created a proprietary Maturity Model to assess the current state of AppDynamics and APM readiness, as part of a broader trend toward Enterprise Monitoring and Analytics.


AHEAD’s Enterprise Monitoring and Analytics practice – underpinned by industry leading platforms like BigPanda – provide the instrumentation and processes to baseline, analyze, present and alert on all measures of enterprise cloud performance.

AHEAD maintains deep competencies in all Cisco product lines, including networking and security. We earned the Cisco Advanced Security Architecture Specialization in 2017, and have formed an entire practice supporting Cisco’s AppDynamics platform.


Since its inception in 2007, AHEAD has been a key partner of DellEMC. We’re honored to have won the DellEMC Extraordinary Partner of the Year award in 2018.

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Datadog aggregates metrics and events across the full DevOps stack, including cloud providers, automation tools, and monitoring and instrumentation.


AHEAD is a Gold Status Partner for both Sales and Service, thanks to our demonstrated success in selling and implementing the ServiceNow platform, and maintaining high customer satisfaction scores.

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