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Transparency, Meet Real-Time

There are many tools available to help monitor IT performance and availability across infrastructure, applications, and digital experience. And insights may be plentiful within those individual technology siloes.

Where it gets challenging is in coming up with a unified understanding of performance and availability across all of IT.  For the CTO, here’s why it’s so complex:

  • Infrastructure and applications are increasingly abstracted, converged, and dynamic.
  • SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS environments introduce additional complexity as they are outside the control of traditional monitoring capabilities.
  • Resulting hybrid IT infrastructures, combined with growing applications and changing customer needs, lead to monitoring tool overload.
  • Changes to software development require monitoring and optimization throughout the software development lifecycle.

Digital Business Requires New Insights

As enterprises accelerate their digital transformations, they must ensure their digital platforms and applications continuously offer stellar user experiences. But as the old adage goes, “You can’t manage what you don’t measure,” and unfortunately, performance insights and analytics are generally underserved areas of IT infrastructure and service management.

AHEAD’s Enterprise Monitoring & Analytics solutions help clients:

  • Identify performance problems in production before they impact the customer, and resolve issues quickly as they happen.
  • Manage and measure in an end-to-end manner, from database to end user, covering every metric over every component, and tracing them across the full stack.
  • Deliver critical application performance data in real time, making it relevant to operations, development teams, and business leaders alike.
  • Integrate application performance management platforms like AppDynamics with other core systems management tools for a more holistic approach to monitoring IT services.

Application Performance Monitoring

At the heart of a successful Enterprise Monitoring solution lies Application Performance Monitoring (APM). APM software provides essential visibility into infrastructure, enables performance baseline measurements, and draws correlations between customer experience and applications.

Whether you’ve already implemented an APM solution like AppDynamics or are simply exploring your options, it’s important to remember that you’ll need mature processes to ensure proper optimization.

AHEAD’s Maturity Model for Application Performance Monitoring will help you to determine your level of maturity to make sure you’re getting the most out of your current and future implementations.

Application Performance Monitoring Maturity Model

Public Cloud Monitoring

Whether it’s blind spots in areas of costs and inventory, or configuration missteps due to inexperienced teams, or surprises at the amount of tooling and automation required, the move to the cloud is complex.

Rely on AHEAD’s CoPilot platform to improve the predictability, security, and responsiveness of your public cloud environment.

We combine state-of-the-art tools for monitoring your inventory, costs, security, and compliance with our expert guidance, benchmarks, and remediation support to help you minimize unforeseen expenses and security risks. Read more.

It Might Be Time for a Tune-Up

If you have already integrated an AppDynamics APM solution into your environment, you could very well be missing out on all of the benefits of a healthy implementation.

That’s because APM is a serious undertaking–one that requires expert-level evaluation and road mapping. So we created an AHEAD Tune-Up Service for AppDynamics to help you properly assess your environment for overall effectiveness and maturity.

Learn more about the service and how our experts can optimize value and maximize operational efficiencies for your enterprise here.

Learn more about the tune-up offering and how our experts can maximize the performance of your applications and infrastructure.

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5 Questions to Ask Yourself

  1. Are you using data and analytics to improve IT performance? 
  2. Do you have visibility into your customers’ experiences with applications?
  3. Are alerts and events considered meaningful in your organization?
  4. Do you apply automation to remediate common incidents?   
  5. Where are you in the monitoring and APM maturity curve?

Better Together

AHEAD partners with 60 technology providers, all geared toward optimizing the enterprise cloud.

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AHEAD is the #1 partner in the US for AppDynamics. We created a proprietary Maturity Model to assess the current state of AppDynamics and APM readiness, as part of a broader trend toward Enterprise Monitoring and Analytics.


AHEAD’s Enterprise Monitoring and Analytics practice – underpinned by industry leading platforms like BigPanda – provide the instrumentation and processes to baseline, analyze, present and alert on all measures of enterprise cloud performance.


Datadog aggregates metrics and events across the full DevOps stack, including cloud providers, automation tools, and monitoring and instrumentation.


AHEAD is a Gold Status Partner for both Sales and Service, thanks to our demonstrated success in selling and implementing the ServiceNow platform, and maintaining high customer satisfaction scores.

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AHEAD’s experts help design the incident routing process and develop a mature vulnerability management process leveraging Splunk.