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Our Expertise in DevOps

Delivering one or two production builds per year won’t cut it. We’ll help you minimize the time that developers spend in the delivery pipeline, and maximize their time spent on creating new features.

AHEAD streamlines your build, test, and release processes to enable the continual production of software in short iterations. And we can integrate and automate your Dev and Ops pipelines.

But DevOps can be a daunting investment—not just in technology, but in change management. It’s a complex mix of cultural, process, and organizational change to build better software faster, eliminate technical debt and tool overload, all while breaking down barriers to collaboration.

Using our Enterprise Cloud Delivery Framework, we combine operational, technical, and organizational perspectives to help you bring a holistic approach to DevOps.

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Application Performance Management

Poor user experience is bad for business and of all the tools in an IT department’s arsenal, APM can have the most impact on an organization’s bottom line. We help clients identify and address application performance issues before they cause response delays and decreased productivity.

Gain visibility into apps across your entire technology stack, across legacy systems and the public cloud.
Improve your end-user experience, increase customer satisfaction, and reduce downtime and business impact.
Manage your IT costs with better insights in predicting peaks and valleys in application consumption.
Identify and address slowdowns in production with up-to-the-second diagnostics to troubleshoot problems.

Continuous Integration & Deployment

Software development teams are constantly transforming their software operations to optimize for efficiency, quality, and reliability. By utilizing CI/CD, we help clients automate and streamline the build, test, and release processes to enable the continual production of software in short iterations.

Obtain user feedback and identify bugs more quickly to ensure you’re building and launching the right product the first time around.
Improve customer satisfaction and decrease risk with as-you-go testing processes and automatic rollbacks in case of error.
Improve productivity and efficiency by automatically provisioning test environments and pushing applications to production at the click of a button.
Accelerate your time-to-market with increased frequency and reliability of software releases and quality control measures.

Process Optimization & Automation

Process optimization and automation solutions have evolved significantly over the last ten years, so there’s no better time to jump on the automation bandwagon. We help clients automate and optimize inefficient or manual tasks to improve the time-to-market, as well as the quality of application and infrastructure release cycles.

Orchestrate manual, repetitive tasks through automated workflows to allow your IT team to focus on mission-critical tasks and projects.
Boost productivity and agility while facilitating the design of flexible, customizable, and workflow-driven business applications.
Decrease risk and increase compliance with industry regulations by building in your security framework while developing and testing software.
Reduce your IT workforce and increase your testing reliability by automating the testing process and eliminating the need for error-prone manual tests.


Reduced server provisioning time from six weeks to 30 minutes for one of the nation’s largest
combination utility providers.
Reduced provisioning time for new Epic environments by 50% for a top healthcare software company.


AHEAD Puppet Partner 2017



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