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Our Expertise in Data Center Infrastructure

Unless your mandate is to “move it all to the cloud,” you’re challenged to modernize aging infrastructure to improve its responsiveness to business needs, while making it simpler and more cost effective.  

AHEAD combines the latest capabilities in virtualization, containerization, and hyper/converged infrastructure to bring cloud-like performance to your data center—while managing the critical touch points with the rest of your enterprise cloud.


We also frequently help with infrastructure modernization in these areas:

Safeguard critical information and rapidly recover data in the event of corruption or site loss.
Rationalize and determine the optimal mix of on-premises and public in your enterprise cloud.
Enable workforce mobility and deliver quality end-user experiences.
Provide cost-efficient and performant storage capacity.

Harvest to Invest

Another benefit to modernizing infrastructure is in drawing down technical debt and freeing up resource and capital for innovation.  

Let us apply our expertise in infrastructure modernization to pinpoint cost savings and efficiency gains thru the better application of technology, operations, and people—and use those savings to reinvest in new enterprise cloud capabilities.


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Containers & Serverless

Containers package up applications in file systems in order to isolate them from the underlying infrastructure. We help clients enable application portability through encapsulation and container management.

Serverless computing reduces the amount of overhead associated with developing applications in the public cloud. We help clients build applications and services in a faster, more agile way, leveraging infrastructure managed by cloud providers like AWS and Azure.

Create predictable development and release environments that are isolated from other applications.
Decrease reliance on server resources with lightweight containers not requiring their own OS.
Increase time-to-market and faster software releases while reducing operational costs and enabling agile developers.
Enhance scalability by provisioning and de-provisioning infrastructure while improving latency and geolocation.

Hyper/Converged Infrastructure

HCI and CI make it easier to support enterprise applications because they’re built to simplify overall management while running complex workloads. We help clients deploy integrated compute, storage, networking, and virtualization to increase agility, and realize operational efficiency.

Free up IT staff to focus on mission-critical tasks and innovative projects.
Reduce operating costs and deliver enhanced data center visibility.
Deploy compute, networking, and storage components all within one platform with a single vendor.
Utilize software-defined storage to aggregate existing hard drives within a cluster, making them highly available and redundant.

Straight Talk About Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

Is HCI Right for You? There’s a lot of buzz around hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) solutions. To get the most value from them, you’ll need to cut through the noise. Is HCI really a good fit for your needs? And if so, what’s the simplest way to implement it?

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Network & Storage

The shift toward Everything-as-a-Service and the exponential growth of digital data have increased the need for robust, flexible, and performant cloud infrastructure.

With our networking expertise, we help clients create scalable, secure and resilient connectivity between users, infrastructure, and applications, leveraging a combination of software-defined and physical network approaches..

Our storage solutions help clients build out resilient, performant, and cost-efficient tiers of storage capacity on-premises or in the cloud.

Formulate a business continuity and disaster recovery plan to enable and streamline the retrieval of mission-critical data.
Configure network management, monitoring, and BYOD through customized software and hardware deployments.
Optimize your performant storage capacity while providing cost-efficient storage solutions.
Ensure your network is configured and optimized properly to ensure line-of-business applications are online and running smoothly.

Compute & Virtualization

Modern applications and workloads often require a great deal of computation. We help clients deliver discrete units of compute to meet application and cost requirements, and increase server provisioning time.

End User Computing

Mobile technology continues to evolve how and where users work and collaborate. We help clients enable workforce mobility by providing their end users access to data and applications from any device.

Improve the end-user desktop experience while enforcing desktop and application standardization.
Accelerate application deployment by leveraging DaaS to deliver on-demand desktops in a pay-as-you-go model.
Support and enable global workforce productivity while securing company applications and data.
Implement logging and reporting capabilities for compliance while eliminating large, unstructured file shares.

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Implemented converged infrastructure solution to increase network uptime from 87% to 100%
for a large academic medical center.
Reduced backup and recovery times from 29 hours to less than eight hours for a premier Midwest
healthcare provider.
Designed and deployed a greenfield “virtual first” environment in less than 60 days for a large
mutual insurance company.
Consolidated 20,000 users worldwide onto a single file sharing and collaboration
tool - Box - for a large mutual company.
Improved end-user response times by 600% down to 1ms for a premier Midwest healthcare provider.
Designed and deployed infrastructure in less than 60 days to support a secure virtual desktop
environment with scalability up to 5,000 users for a large mutual insurance company.
Created a custom Amazon WorkSpaces chargeback solution using Lambda for a global financial
and professional services firm.


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