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What Keeps Our Clients Up At Night?

If we could distill the list of improvements that almost every IT leadership team is working toward, it would coalesce around something like this. But those desired outcomes often oppose one another. And the resulting balancing acts are extremely difficult to manage.

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In Their Own Words

“The AHEAD team is very knowledgeable, thoughtful, intelligent. They have a huge breadth and depth of knowledge.”

Ron Walter, Hagerty Insurance

“The benefit of working with AHEAD is there are many competing vendors with similar technologies and we wanted to get a better time to value in choosing a technology that was right for our business.”

John Touma, Winston & Strong

“They were instrumental in helping us design our network and infrastructure to support it. And they did the installation and deployment. The results have been over 3 years without a single outage, complete uptime.”

Ron Walter

“We see AHEAD as an absolute leader in the industry working with people on their journey to the cloud. It was an opportunity for us to tap into their experience and expertise and appropriately adjust the approach we had.”

Tim Hagn

“We had the challenge of increasing performance for our end-users in their current workflows, so we came to AHEAD to help us find better ways to provide the experience to our end-users.”

Casey Johnson, Northwestern Medicine

“We were replacing an aged technology to bring us up to more modern platforms and help us grow into the future.”

Shelia Hartness, Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center

“Some of our challenges were getting all the teams in our company involved in automation. Having AHEAD come in and give us industry best practices has been the most helpful.”

Mike Shilling, OCLC

“The big step in our process to finding a partner was looking for a partner with true experience and expertise in a few concentrated areas rather than just a broad brush consulting firm.”

Michael Reynolds, Rockwell Automation

“We work with AHEAD because they’re more than just a partner or a VAR. They’re forward thinking, cutting edge with automation and cloud. They’re not just selling hardware and software. They’re selling services that your company actually needs, not just something cookie-cutter that they want to sell.”

Amy Manley, The University of Chicago Medical Center

“This was a backup and recovery solution we implemented. It was a more efficient way to back up our data. It was a more granular recovery point of it. It also reduced our operating expense by three million dollars over a five year investment.”

Ken Sullivan, Mercy Health

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