Announcing AHEAD’s 2017 vExpert Award Recipients





It’s that time of year again; VMware has made its vExpert 2017 Award announcement and we are pleased to report that 13 AHEADians have been awarded the title of vExpert this year (up from 9 last year)!

To be selected as a vExpert, VMware recognizes IT professionals who take the time to share their knowledge and are particularly engaged with their communities. This distinction is not a technical certification or measure of VMware expertise, but is reserved for those who develop a substantial personal platform of influence in their communities. VMware vExperts share their talents through blog posts, speaking engagements, task writing, videos, webinars, social media and by authoring books. They are also VMUG leaders, VMTN community moderators, and internal champions among this group.

In 2016 alone, AHEAD’s 13 vExperts published close to 250 blog posts, participated in 20 speaking engagements, produced countless social media posts, led content for various podcasts and published courses, and held VMUG leadership titles in Illinois, Kentucky, Wisconsin, and Nebraska. We look forward much more content from these individuals in 2017!

Congratulations to the AHEAD employees listed below and all of the newly designated 2017 vExperts:

  1. Mike Burkhart (@vmikeb), Senior Solutions Architect; 1 year as a vExpert
  2. Tim Carr (@timmycarr), Technical Architect; 3 years as a vExpert
  3. Nick Colyer (@vNickC), Solutions Principal; 4 years as a vExpert
  4. Tim Curless (@timcurless), Senior Technical Architect; 3 years as a vExpert
  5. Bryan Krausen (@btkrausen), Technical Architect; 4 years as a vExpert
  6. Sean Massey (@seanpmassey), Principal Architect – EUC and Mobility; 4 years as a vExpert
  7. Jeremiah Megie (@vMegie), Senior Technical Architect; 1 year as a vExpert
  8. Zach Milleson (@zmilleson), Senior Technical Architect; 5 years as a vExpert
  9. Jason Nash (@thejasonnash), Solutions Principal; 7 years as a vExpert
  10. Steve Pantol (@stevepantol), Delivery Manager; 4 years as a vExpert
  11. Eric Shanks (@eric_shanks), Senior Solutions Architect; 5 years as a vExpert
  12. Ted Spinks (@tedspinks), Senior Technical Architect; 2 years as a vExpert
  13. Ed Villalobos (@eddievipr), Lab Manager; 2 year as a vExpert

For more information on AHEAD’s expertise with VMware, contact us today to meet with these vExperts and other expert AHEADians. Stay tuned for plenty more content from our vExperts in the AHEAD blog in 2017!

portrait. Photo by Andrew Collings.

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