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Backup & BaaS

The Problem

Hagerty has multiple backup solutions protecting their critical systems, with roughly 100TB of being protected onsite (18TB of structured data and >80TB of unstructured file data).  Due to additional compliance requirements, it was determined that an additional copy of this data was now required to be securely stored in a geographically diverse offsite location. Another problem was Hagerty’s existing tape and storage replication capabilities would not provide a Hagerty with an operationally efficient, affordable and secure solution.

Proposed Solution

AHEAD consulted with Hagerty to recommend that they leverage multiple AWS Storage gateway’s to enable a simple method to get a secondary copy of this data into Amazon Web Services.
Through the consultation, it was determined that Hagerty would require a direct connect to AWS due to the data replication bandwidth required to meet the service level requirements and transfer windows.
AWS Storage Gateway 1) Hagerty’s most critical application data was being backed up by Veeam, and in order to get those backup sets offsite, the AWS Storage Gateway provided Veeam a NFS copy target directly to AWS S3. This enabled the backup administrator to create a simple backup policy to enable and automate the offsite copy.
AWS Storage Gateway 2) Hagerty’s is leveraging Veritas Netbackup to create local backups of their unstructured file data. An AWS Storage Gateway in VTL mode was presented to the Netbackup server to enable offsite backups through Netbackup and the AWS Storage Gateway into AWS Glacier.

The Result

Hagerty now has the ability to meet its offsite data compliance policies in a secure and cost-effective manner.

  • We utilized The Storage Gateway, Direct Connect, S3 and Glacier storage for this solution to enable offsite backups.
  • Within a short period of time, without any additional hardware infrastructure, Hagerty was able to rest assured that they were protected with a geographically diverse offsite copy of their critical data.

As a result of the AWS engagement with AHEAD, Hagerty no longer needed to procure additional hardware at another location or build another data center to meet the compliance objectives. This move to the cloud resulted in significant time and cost savings for Hagerty.

Sample Architecture