AWS Innovation Days 2018 Tour

AWS Innovation Days

We’ve successfully wrapped up the first leg of the 2018 Innovation Days Tour and are ready for round two!

In this workshop, attendees will get hands-on experience with the AWS platform. As a continuation of our first AWS Innovation Days workshop last year, we’ll focus on Operations, Security, Governance, and automation of AWS services to quickly get your workloads running on the platform. For most users, these services are vital to successful implementation and operation of AWS cloud services moving forward.

Participants should bring a personal laptop to access the AWS platform, along with a pre-established AWS account. If you do not have an existing AWS account, AWS offers a Free Tier account for your first 12 months following sign-up as well as others that never expire. Participants will also be provided AWS credits to cover the cost of the AWS services that will be used during the Innovation Day.

Administrative access to an AWS Account. This should be created before coming to the event. A corporate account could be used if administrative access is allowed for the user, but a personal AWS account is preferred to ensure they have the appropriate rights.

Tour Stops

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Chicago, IL

November 13

Minneapolis, MN

December 4

Watch an AWS Innovation
Day Lab

Watch Public Cloud, Senior Solutions Architect, Eric Shanks, walk through a sample AWS Innovation
Day lab.


Overview and Lab Setup

AHEAD will give an overview of the Innovation Day and answer any initial questions about the lab configuration.

Presentation and Lab 1

AWS Infrastructure as Code Overview
Overview of how to natively use automation and Infrastructure as Code (IaC). Learn and build the basic components of CloudFormation to create the base AWS resources to use for subsequent labs. The lab will make use of nested CloudFormation templates to deploy the resources.

Presentation and Lab 2

Infrastructure as Code – Day Two Operations
Learn different techniques and use cases on how to manage changes to your automated AWS environment. Participants will learn how to update existing stacks and add operational controls to the environment, such as data protection.

Presentation and Lab 3

Image Operations – Patch Management
Learn about AWS Systems Manager to take control of operational insight and take action on AWS Resources. Participants will learn how to use AWS native services for image patch management of EC2 instances and integration of multiple services to build a comprehensive operational strategy.

Presentation and Lab 4

AWS Governance and Security using Automation
We will cover use cases of AWS tagging to control governance and security and how to tie those tags to other services in an automated fashion. Participants will learn how to automate the security and self-remediation of their AWS environment. Using Config, SNS, and Lambda, users will ensure that their sensitive data stored in S3 remains private and out of the hands of unauthorized users.

Presentation and Lab 5

EC2 Application Scaling Architecture
Learn how to deploy your application cloud infrastructure in a highly scalable fashion to support scaling of resources on-demand. Participants will configure autoscaling for a web application and experience how changes in the environment can trigger the addition, or removal, of resources as required by the application.

Innovation Demo

Alexa and Serverless Integration
AHEAD will demonstrate how to use Alexa and Lambda together to create custom workflows.

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