AWS DevOps Solutions

AWS DevOps Solutions

As an AWS DevOps Partner, AHEAD is focused on maximizing developers’ time while minimizing the time they’re spending on the delivery pipeline, enabling them to provide new features to customers. This, in turn, fosters a DevOps culture and drives more innovation, which improves the end customer’s experience.

AHEAD’s expertise links together the Developer and Operations team to focus on maximizing the developer’s time–which can then be used to provide new features and releases to clients–while minimizing time spent on the delivery pipeline. Our services focus on streamlining the development and deployment processes around the DevOps ToolChain, Enterprise Tooling, Deployment Architecture, and Container Strategy. We combine our breadth of knowledge in native AWS cloud and DevOps services with a variety of tools to create a cohesive and automated solution, ultimately driving business value.

Deployment Architecture

Ensuring proper application deployment is critical to the operational health of your applications, and will be paramount to the your end-client’s experience. AHEAD will evaluate your deployment method–whether it is Recreate, Ramped, Blue/Green, Canary, A/B, or Shadow–and work with your team to determine the appropriate solution for your application and business.

Enterprise Tooling

AHEAD’s Cloud and Automation services focuses on integrating our client’s AWS landscape with their enterprise software solutions to operate their business.  Whether it focuses on ITSM integration with ServiceNow, Security integration with ServiceNow/Vault, state management Puppet/CHEF, or pipeline integration with CloudBees; AHEAD focuses on how to run day 2 operations of your cloud environment.

DevOps ToolChain

AHEAD’s Framework to consult, architect, and securely deliver an enterprise DevOps toolchain connects the application automatically to AWS infrastructure through day 2 operations and management. See the Enterprise ToolChain example below.

Container Strategy

As the container world is rapidly changing, AHEAD facilitates a collaborative workshop to drive consensus on proper enterprise container architecture. AHEAD will work with clients to create a container tool scorecard, allowing them to assess fitness of applications for containerization while examining the appropriate solution integrations to meet requirements.

Pipeline Example

Enterprise ToolChain Example

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