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If you were fortunate enough to attend the AWS re:Invent conference, there’s a good chance you met with AHEAD, a Platinum sponsor of the event, and learned about our cloud adoption and acceleration solutions. But if you didn’t attend the show or get to meet with us, now is your chance for a first-hand demonstration showcasing our capabilities with AWS integrated solutions in the areas of ServiceNow, DevOps, and Amazon WorkSpaces.

Check out our available demonstrations and let us know if you’re interested in continuing (or starting) a conversation with our experts!

AHEAD at AWS re:Invent

Together with Normann Vogel of Informa, AHEAD’s Practice Lead of Mobility and End-User Computing, Nick Frank, presented on Amazon WorkSpaces at this year’s re:Invent conference. Deploying Amazon WorkSpaces at Enterprise Scale to Deliver a New Desktop Experience is intended to educate potential and current Amazon WorkSpaces customers on how to integrate the WorkSpaces solution into their organization’s current operating model.
From this recording, you will learn how to incorporate Amazon WorkSpaces into your existing environment and the key decision points that are required to successfully deploy this solution, including architecture considerations, automation workflows, application management strategies, and monitoring capabilities.

Available Demonstrations from AWS re:Invent


Workload Provisioning on AWS Using ServiceNow 
Using the portal in ServiceNow Cloud Management Suite to enable the interaction with AWS via an AWS CloudFormation template, this demonstration will show you how to provision an EC2 instance in AWS, using Windows as an example. You have the option of using Windows or Linux to provision your workload.

Amazon WorkSpaces

Desktop Migration to Amazon WorkSpaces
This demonstration will show you how to migrate existing settings from a user’s physical PC or virtual desktop into Amazon WorkSpaces using third-party solutions. Leveraging re-direction and a globally-replicated file system allows user settings like IE favorites, desktops shortcuts, application configurations, and mapped drives and printers to follow the user into their new Amazon WorkSpace which increases user adoption and satisfaction.
Automated Provisioning of Amazon WorkSpaces with ServiceNow
This demonstration will show you how to leverage custom-built workflows in ServiceNow to deploy Amazon WorkSpaces via a self-service portal. This uses AWS CloudFormation and Amazon WorkSpaces APIs to launch a new Amazon WorkSpace from a custom image without logging into the admin console.


Blue/Green Deployment
This demonstration will show the standard DevOps approach where users promote a production change into a running application.
Re-Architecting your App for the Cloud
We show the different deployment models on AWS from a lift and shift of an application to straight EC2 instances, to incorporation of AWS services, to the eventual full PaaS or container model. We can help customers with the infrastructure architecture to support this evolution.
Microservices Approach (Coming soon)
We help customers leverage this emerging DevOps pattern and how enterprises can support it for application deployments.
DevOps Monitoring (Coming soon)
We provide enterprise visibility into performance and consumption in a DevOps environment, and the capability to distinguish between application and infrastructure issues.

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