Harvest to Invest

Do You Have a Complete Picture of Your IT Spend?

92% have been blindsided by a maintenance bill, according to a recent AHEAD survey

At the beginning of every year, more than 80% of your annual IT spend is likely already committed – in the form of depreciation, maintenance, and support for infrastructure – inhibiting your ability to bring new, differentiating capabilities to the business.

Making matters worse, those dollars often lie hidden. If you don’t have the luxury of a large or mature vendor management function, you probably struggle to see the full picture of your maintenance costs for the next 12 months, let alone into future years.

What if you could shine a light on all committed costs for the next 3-5 years, then formulate a plan to reduce them – or better yet, repurpose them into digital transformation initiatives?

We helped one hospital system identify 27% in average annual cash savings and more than
14% in GAAP savings over a
five-year period.

Check out our recent BrightTALK Webinar that explains how we did it.

Even when you’re not surprised by an invoice, these other challenges may sound familiar:

Limited Visibility

  • Maintenance forecasts that look out only 1 year.
  • Multiple invoices and formats from a vendor.
  • Data not reflecting changes like upgrades.

Productivity Barriers

  • Time spent managing multiple contracts.
  • Inefficient one-off maintenance purchases.
  • Expensive assets going underutilized.

Risk Exposures

  • Lapsed maintenance contracts.
  • End user license agreement violations.
  • Assets experiencing end of service life.

AHEAD Offers a Three-Step Approach We Call Harvest to Invest

We can help you uncover your committed costs for both the current year and those elusive future years, then formulate a plan to harvest significant savings – savings that fall to your bottom line or into new initiatives that drive your top line.

1. Baseline

We assess your environment and provide transparency into your committed maintenance, depreciation, and asset lifecycle data across a 3- to 5-year time horizon. At a minimum, you come away understanding exactly what to budget for maintenance.

2. Harvest

We help you identify hard dollar savings. This may involve enterprise license agreements – not necessarily new ones, but extensions or renegotiations to existing ones. Multi-year maintenance renewals that include volume discounts, as well as infrastructure replacement programs driven by the vendors, are also employed in this stage.

3. Invest

Take the First Step

Let AHEAD help you develop a complete picture of your committed infrastructure spend, and simplify that picture in the process. Using your own data, but primarily that of your vendors (trust us, they have it!) AHEAD data center engineers will analyze your install base across all platforms and divisions. We will:

  • Classify and simplify line items to make it easier to digest, as well as ensure complete accuracy in reporting
  • Identify assets that are currently expiring, or expiring in future dates, based on both financial and technical reasons
  • Provide accurate budget details for the upcoming year, as well as future years to inform your infrastructure strategy
  • Create a financial view by month, along with a view that shows assets under support, partially supported, etc.

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