AHEAD Announces Multi-State Azure Innovation Days 2018 Tour

Hosted by enterprise cloud leader AHEAD, these workshops will enable attendees to gain hands-on experience with Microsoft’s Azure Platform.

This post originally appeared on Cision.

Hosted by AHEAD, a leading provider of IT consulting and enterprise cloud solutions, the Azure Innovation Days 2018 Tour will provide education on Microsoft Azure basics and focus on the most popular services to quickly get workloads functioning on the platform.

Each workshop will be led by the AHEAD regional office team in each of the seven cities, including Madison, Wis.; Charlotte, N.C.; Raleigh, N.C.; Chicago, Ill.; Columbus, Ohio; Cincinnati, Ohio; and Minneapolis, Minn.

Outlining the process, the workshops will provide insight on: 

  • Azure compute and virtual machines, including resource groups, VM instances types, specializations and disks
  • How to plan for availability and scalability in an Azure environment, as well as mechanisms for deployment
  • How to create a new virtual machine using the Azure platform, and then via PowerShell
  • The various Azure storage services available and which ones to utilize
  • Options for constructing networks including VNET Peering, load balancers and on-premises connectivity
  • How to configure monitoring and logging analytics with Microsoft Operations Management Suite
  • Exploration of different automation tools including utilizing ARM templates

For more information and to register: