Sneak Peek: Public Cloud Strategy Briefing

Right now is an exciting time for companies to start thinking about a public cloud strategy and what the right platform can provide for their business. As the public cloud ecosystem matures, an increasing caliber of public cloud solutions continue to emerge, offering businesses a more flexible and efficient way to meet the changing demands of their customers and the marketplace.

But maybe you think the public cloud is too complex for you. Or maybe you don’t have the time to explore and evaluate the breadth of public cloud offerings. At AHEAD, our cloud experts have rationalized public cloud strategies and implemented them successfully in enterprise IT organizations. We’ve also invested countless hours testing and evaluating the most innovative cloud solutions, so we can simplify the education and evaluation process for you. We then present this information to you, in-person, through educational and strategic briefings and lab demonstrations at our state-of-the-art AHEAD Lab and Briefing Center, where you can learn about, rationalize, and physically test and assess cloud solutions to determine if they make sense for you.

In our Public Cloud Strategy briefing, AHEAD Public Cloud Practice Manager Eric Terrell will walk you through our vision of the public cloud journey, from lifting and shifting on-premises workloads to rightsizing, automation, and cloud architectures. This 30 to 60-minute briefing session will help you understand the key differences between operating an on-premises environment and managing a public cloud, specifically as they relate to infrastructure planning, server utilization, performance monitoring, and operational focus. Ultimately, you’ll learn how to leverage the many benefits of the public cloud through mature operations.

See what the public cloud journey looks like for your business. Visit the AHEAD Lab and Briefing Center and meet Eric, who can get you up-to-speed on public cloud solutions, including Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

All AHEAD Lab and Briefing Center resources are available to our clients free of cost. Why not save your business valuable time and resources during your technology evaluation process while you explore solutions that can save your business even more time and resources?

Learn more about the public cloud. Explore your Public Cloud Stategy briefing today.

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