Is Your IT Partner’s Scoping Process Delaying Your Time to Value?

Time to value (TtV) is a key area of focus for all of our clients. Achieving business value as quickly as possible is invaluable in driving continuous innovation.

While many clients rightfully focus on improving their own internal processes to decrease TtV, some may not realize that choosing an IT partner can have just as much impact. Receiving a custom proposal from your IT partner often seems like the starting point of the process, but in reality, it is the tip of the iceberg, and the internal process your partner goes through to craft that proposal can have a significant impact – whether positive or negative – on your own TtV.

Our challenge as your strategic IT partner is to help you accelerate TtV as much as possible, and that starts with us delivering accurate and quality proposals for our clients’ IT initiatives. When our clients engage us to help scope initiatives, we begin our Opportunity Assessment (OA) process, which is designed to help clients find the best technical, operational, and financial IT solutions for their business.

How We Optimized Our OA Process to Improve TtV

The OA process is AHEAD’s method for scoping and pricing IT services, so we can deliver a custom, quality proposal to clients. We have a dedicated OA team who manages the complete lifecycle of the process, and aligns with internal subject matter experts to create high quality proposals in accelerated turnaround times. We are committed to ensuring responsiveness and speed without sacrificing quality or accuracy.

AHEAD Engagement Manager Shimul Lahoti examines AHEAD's opportunity assessment process.As clients are pressured to deliver IT services more and more quickly, we need to help them do this. So we looked for ways to streamline our own processes. To do this, we recently applied our own prescriptive consulting methodology, the AHEAD Innovation Framework, to the OA process. The AHEAD Innovation Framework is a lifecycle that starts with determining a strategy and roadmap, moves into designing and planning a solution, and then focuses on continuous deployment and management of that solution.  We held a workshop to drive consensus among key internal stakeholders on the objectives for the initiative, performed a gap analysis of our current and desired state, and developed a prioritized action plan for closing the gaps.

Since executing on the prioritized action plan, we have realized improved quality of client deliverables and reduced turnaround times. The enhancements have promoted responsiveness, seamless communication, and collaboration among AHEAD’s internal teams who participate in the OA process. All of this allows us to provide our clients with accurate, quality proposals for custom and often complex services in a matter of days where many of our competitors take weeks.

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