Briefing Sneak Peek: Hybrid Cloud, Automation, and Orchestration

There’s been a lot of buzz about the hybrid cloud. With promises of faster response times, reduced operating costs, greater standardization and increased flexibility, businesses are investing heavily in cloud technologies, hoping to consume their investments quickly. But realizing the benefits of a hybrid cloud infrastructure is about so much more than having, say, Vblock or VMware. It’s about employing the right mix of tools and configurations to create a rich catalog of services that is most meaningful to your business.

At AHEAD, we’ve been following the maturation of the hybrid cloud ecosystem and have dedicated huge investments toward testing and evaluating the latest software and hardware as they hit the market. Our experience has given us insight into all the different technologies, how they integrate, and how they translate from a business perspective. Not to mention, as home to four VCDX certified engineersonly 200 engineers worldwide have achieved this highest VMWare certification – as well as a number of CCIE certified experts, our engineers certainly know this complex space. And they’re available to meet with you, in-person, and share their vision of the hybrid cloud.

At our state-of-art AHEAD Lab and Briefing Center, our hybrid cloud experts offer educational briefings and hands-on demonstrations of the most talked about cloud technologies. Modeled around real-world scenarios, our engineers provide in-depth overviews of different cloud management platforms and automation and orchestration tools and then show you how to stitch them together to create a hybrid cloud solution that offers the most value for your business.

See what we’re talking about: Watch a quick preview our Hybrid Cloud, Automation, and Orchestration briefing.

In this briefing, AHEAD Senior Technical Architect Nick Colyer demos many major players in this space, such as Cisco UCS Director, VMware, Puppet and Chef, to name a few. He walks you through application deployment and Windows provisioning. And while there are many tools, he ensures you employ just the right mix to create a meaningful cloud system.

The AHEAD Lab and Briefing Center is a free resource for all of our clients. It’s a rare opportunity for IT teams to take an in-depth look at different technologies and test of some of the most innovative solutions in the marketplace. You can visit for a day, or use it for a week, and see how it frees up your workloads.

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